Dress Code/Uniform

The purpose of the Dress Code is to encourage students to focus on the learning process without the distractions of unsuitable dress and grooming. Students shall maintain a clean, orderly appearance at all times.

The responsibility for the personal appearance of the student rests with the parent/guardian and the student. Personal appearance shall not detract from the educational process. The following establishes the minimum acceptable standards for student dress to be interpreted and enforced by the administration or designee.


  • Shirts may not contain any violent, gang-related, alcohol, or drug-related images.

  • No hooded sweatshirts may be brought or worn. Sweatshirts without hoods must have a Dress Code appropriate t-shirt underneath. 

  • Low cut, crop tops, see-through, or sleeveless tops are NOT allowed


  • NO skirts or dresses may be worn

  • Shorts must extend to the knee

  • If jeans or pants have holes, rips, or tears skin may not be visible through these holes.

  • Pants must fit appropriately at the waist, not too tight or loose.

  • Leggings, yoga-style pants, and pajama pants must not be see-through


  • Closed-toe shoes ONLY

  • No flip-flops, slides, sandals, or heels


  • Any piercings must be STUDS ONLY

  • Hats, caps, bandanas, hoods, sweatbands, or sunglasses are prohibited.

  • No jewelry other than stud earrings

The administration reserves the right to make changes based on individual student situations.

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